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Based on the premise the best bands are still to be discovered, and they are your band, in your town, everywhere. Independent music is the future of music and RadioWRX Music is a community of fans and bands supporting each other for the continued creation and exhibition of the best original music of today. RadioWRX Music is more than an app, it is a statement, a vision, a way of life. RadioWRX Music is a community of fans and bands together, spreading the message of love through original song indie music.

RadioWRX Music Crowdfunding Launch

RadioWRX Music officially launched its crowd funding stage for the RadioWRX Music platform development and its commitment to global food security with CEDE Partnering Solutions 2018. Now a $25.95 CEDE Co-op membership is your ticket to the world's best indie music while helping to make the world a better place. RadioWRX is binding the universal experience of music with messaging for the new Z Generation of millenials in a globally integrated solution for the development of a green sustainable infrastructure. You can read more information and purchase your CEDE co-op membership at this following URL:

  • Date: 30/04/2019 03:41 PM
  • Location: Victoria, BC, Canada (Map)
  • More Info: 933 Kentwood Terrace, Victoria, BC, V8Y 1A5

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Our Influences If i may borrow a phrase from the ever-inspiring rock artist, Jesse Roper. I want 'access to infinity.' And if I were granted access to infinity, what is it then that I would ask for? My wish would be that all people become enlightened and are emancipated from the tyranny of out of control governments and out of control corporations. My wish would be that we as the world's people focus on working together, with less focus on identity politics, and instead work together finding real solutions for global sustainability. I truly believe as people we have more similarities in common than differences, so why not focus on these rather than our differences? Wars have never benefited people. We all have important global issues to solve. I am choosing to work on helping to solve the issue of food scarcity. What will your wish be? Will it be green energy, climate change, over population, universal health? There is so much good to do, so let's all get going. John Kovacs, CEO/Founder, RadioWRX Music

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